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12/3/2020 05:38 **LA Bans Non-Essential Travel: Foot, Bicycle, Scooter, Motorcycle, Auto Health #B404042
12/2/2020 05:27 **Video - Generals Flynn And McInerney Provide Explosive Interview Health #B404042
12/3/2020 07:15 **Power Outage Map USA Technology #2E2E2E1
12/3/2020 05:52 **Video - Anti-Lockdown Protest In Staten Island Social #5C5C5C1
12/3/2020 05:17 **LA City Residents Ordered To Remain In Their Homes Health #5C5C5C1
12/2/2020 17:11 **Flynn Calls For Trump To suspend The Constitution Political #5C5C5C1
12/2/2020 07:02 **Thousands Of Marines Tested For LSD - Drug Problem At Infantry Unit Military #5C5C5C1
12/2/2020 05:50 **Surge In Violent Carjackings Up 537% Across Minneapolis Crime #5C5C5C1
12/2/2020 05:16 **FBI Interested In Postal Contractors' Evidence Crime #5C5C5C1
12/2/2020 04:58 **Brits Could Be Denied Normal Life Without COVID Vaccination Health #5C5C5C1
12/2/2020 04:56 **Video - Two Trailers Full Of Filled Out Ballots Delivered To PA From NY Crime #5C5C5C1
12/3/2020 09:15 Over 20 Million Americans Remain On Unemployment Layoff #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 09:15 3M Layoff -2,900 Layoff #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 07:22 Politician Named After Adolf Hitler Wins Election In Namibia Political #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 06:13 Video - Vandal Destroys Sacred Sculptures Outside Catholic Church Crime #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 06:06 Proud Boys Join Protest At Defiant Staten Island Bar Political #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 05:59 Photos: Trump Supporters Gather For Atlanta Rallies Political #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 05:14 Australia To Sign Military Deal With US Ally Japan Military #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 05:13 Vaccines Pave The Way For A New Frontier In Surveillance Health #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 04:51 Trump Tells Pompeo To Thrash Iran, But Avoid WWIII Weapons #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 04:51 Iran Is Sending Arms And Troops To Help Venezuela Military #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 04:51 Head Of Pfizer Research: COVID Vaccine Is Female Sterilization Health #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 04:51 Americans Flocked To Gun Stores On Black Friday Weapons #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 04:51 Russia Deploys Missiles To Pacific Islands Claimed By Japan Military #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 04:51 Meteor Causes Fireball And Loud Boom Over NY Astronomical #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 04:51 43 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now Nature #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 04:51 Recent Earthquakes Near Nevada Nature #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 04:51 AI Solves 50-Year-Old Science Problem In Stunning Advance Technology #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 04:51 San Francisco Rents Plunged By 27% In 18 Months Economic #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 04:51 Could China's Hypersonic Missiles Sink An American Aircraft Carrier? Military #FFFFFF0
12/3/2020 04:51 US Navy Tried To Sink One Of Its Own Aircraft Carriers (For Weeks) Military #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 21:33 Lin Wood Has For Decades Voted For, Donated To Democrats Political #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 18:42 Army Is Training Specialized Green Berets To Crack Hard Targets Military #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 17:41 How The US Military Secretly Bought Russian Mig-29 Fighters Military #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 17:29 Hilltop Village In Italy Offers Its Abandoned Houses For $1.20 Economic #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 16:37 UPS Slaps Shipping Limits On Gap, Nike To Manage E-commerce Surge Economic #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 11:04 James O’keefe: We Taped Two Months Of CNN Editorial Calls Political #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 11:04 NY Congressional Race In Doubt After 55 Uncounted Ballots Found Political #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 11:04 China Slaps Up To 200% Tariffs On Australian Wine Economic #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 11:04 The Digital Iron Curtain Descends Technology #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 11:04 Project Veritas Infiltrates Cnn Conspiracy #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 11:04 NATO Must Focus More On Challenge Of Rising China Military #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 07:10 Cities All Over America Slashing Police Budgets As Crime Rates Soar Crime #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 06:26 Cannabis Sales In The US Soar Economic #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 06:17 Trump Threatens Defense Bill Veto Over Social Media Protections Political #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 05:58 Earthquake Swarm Rattle Nevada Desert Nature #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 05:22 Office Occupancy Plunged By The Most In Dallas Health #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 05:20 Senator Ted Cruz Demands Supreme Court Hear PA Emergency Appeal Political #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 05:18 Another Fraud In Georgia: "Burst Pipe" Excuse For Pause Of Counting Crime #FFFFFF0
12/2/2020 05:04 DC Metro Proposes 1/3 Layoff -3800 Layoff #FFFFFF0