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6/2/2020 04:16 **Police Officer Is Reportedly Shot In The Head In Vegas Crime #B404042
6/2/2020 04:13 **Video - This Is What A Looted Grocery Store Looks Like Crime #B404042
6/1/2020 20:23 **Trump To Use Federal Assets In Response To Violent Protests Crime #B404042
6/1/2020 17:36 **The Six Stage Plan To Destroy America Has Just Entered Stage Two Military #B404042
6/2/2020 04:38 **Video - James O'keefe - We Warned You Crime #5C5C5C1
6/1/2020 20:39 **Video - Vandals Destroy Cars In Mercedes-Benz Showroom Crime #5C5C5C1
6/1/2020 17:12 **Riots Are Coming To A City Near You: What You Need To Do Right Now Crime #5C5C5C1
6/1/2020 10:31 **Santa Monica Vigilante Tried To Stop A Bank From Being Robbed Crime #5C5C5C1
6/1/2020 09:41 **Two Airmen Killed In Shooting At Grand Forks Air Force Base Crime #5C5C5C1
6/1/2020 08:27 **Cuomo Announces 11Pm-5am NYC Curfew - Another 4,000 Cops On The Streets Crime #5C5C5C1
6/1/2020 06:16 **JUSTICE - Nashville City Hall Pencil-Neck-Softie Arsonist Captured Crime #5C5C5C1
6/1/2020 05:56 **Civil War Military #5C5C5C1
6/1/2020 02:32 **Video - Armed Residents In Alabama Guard Their Neighborhoods Crime #5C5C5C1
6/2/2020 05:00 Sheriff: "People Of Polk County Like Guns. They Have Guns. I Encourage Them To Own Guns." Crime #FFFFFF0
6/2/2020 04:49 Air Force Reveals B-1Bs Were Practicing Decapitating Russia's Black Sea Fleet Military #FFFFFF0
6/2/2020 04:46 First American Unit To Use Computerized Sights On Their Rifles Military #FFFFFF0
6/2/2020 02:57 Video - Cop Ran Over In The Bronx Crime #FFFFFF0
6/2/2020 02:40 Video - Car Just Ran Over Police In Buffalo NY Crime #FFFFFF0
6/2/2020 02:36 4 St. Louis Police Officers Shot Crime #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 22:47 People Will Be Hungry - Pandemic Could Leave 54 Millions Americans Without Food Economic #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 22:34 Are The Work-from-home-folks Moving To Cheaper Pastures? Economic #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 22:31 The Horrifying Civil Unrest We Have Been Warning You About Is Here Crime #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 22:02 Leave Behind The Idea Of America Economic #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 21:58 2 Killed Multiple Wounded At Davenport Iowa Walmart - Mayor Asks For National Guard Crime #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 21:47 Police Describe Anarchists' Extensive Prep, Including Bicycle Scouts Crime #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 21:20 California "Financial Collapse" To Allow Businesses To Walk Away From Commercial Leases Economic #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 21:01 Video - Massive Show Of Force In Atlanta - Rioters Gone Military #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 20:56 Video - Live Feeds - Washington DC Crime #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 20:55 500 National Guard Troops Deployed To Sacramento Military #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 20:35 Audio - Live - Chicago Police Scanner CHAOS! Crime #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 20:34 Video - Protestors In Philly Trapped And Gased On Hillside Crime #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 20:27 Donald Trump Says "I Am Your Law And Order President" Orders Heavily-armed Soldiers To DC Crime #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 20:24 US Auto Sales Down 33% Economic #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 18:33 Florida Sheriff Warns Rioters That Residents Are Armed Crime #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 18:05 Video - Aerial View Shows Massive March In Philly Political #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 17:38 India Facing Worst Locust Attack In 25 Years Nature #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 17:36 Asteroid Taller Than Empire State Building Rocketing Towards Earth At 11,200Mph Astronomical #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 17:34 When The World Comes After America, The War Will Last For Years - Most Large Cities Destroyed Military #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 17:30 Ex-secret Service Agent: Riots Are Sophisticated Insurrection By Antifa Crime #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 17:22 Louisville Police Chief Fired After Black Man Is Shot To Death Crime #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 17:16 Trump’s Unhinged Rant To Governors On Protests Political #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 17:15 President Trump Is Considering Invoking The Insurrection Act Crime #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 17:14 May 2020 - NICS Firearm Checks 3rd Most Highest Ever Crime #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 15:08 Rent In The San Francisco Bay Area Plummeted In May - Potential Mass Exodus Economic #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 14:55 Armed Santa Monica Store Owners Rise Up To Defend Businesses From Rioters Crime #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 14:52 Israel Defense Minister Tells Army To Step Up Preparations For West Bank Annexation Military #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 14:17 Baltimore Cop Is Suspended For Knocking Out Woman Who Punched His Colleague In The Head Crime #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 12:05 Armed Texans Defend Alamo From Potential Rioters Crime #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 12:05 China Halts Purchases Of US Soybeans, Pork Economic #FFFFFF0
6/1/2020 11:59 Video - Looters Smashing Up The Inside Of A Target Store Crime #FFFFFF0