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9-30 **Video - Biden Wearning A Wired Device During Debate Conspiracy #B404042
9-29 **Disney Layoff -28,000 Layoff #B404042
9-30 **Power Outage Map USA Technology #5C5C5C1
9-30 **Shell Layoff -9,000 Layoff #5C5C5C1
9-29 **No Meat, No Milk, No Bread: Hunger Crisis Rocks Latin America Survival #5C5C5C1
9-29 **Fed’s Project To Send Free Money To People Directly Economic #5C5C5C1
9-29 **Four Hotspots Where World War III Could Erupt Any Time Military #5C5C5C1
9-30 Why I'm Leaving California Social #FFFFFF0
9-30 How To Blur Your House On Google Street View (And Why You Should) Technology #FFFFFF0
9-30 Police Funding Cuts Dubbed "Minneapolis Effect" Crime #FFFFFF0
9-30 USA Wind Map Nature #FFFFFF0
9-30 Medusa Model 47 – Multi Caliber Revolver Weapons #FFFFFF0
9-30 Phillies Will Undergo A Round Of Buyouts And Layoffs Layoff #FFFFFF0
9-30 American Airlines Philly Airport Layoff -1,900 Layoff #FFFFFF0
9-30 KPMG Layoff -1,400 Layoff #FFFFFF0
9-30 “It’s Like God Has No Sympathy, No Empathy For Sonoma County.” Religious #FFFFFF0
9-30 Global Food Shortages Are Becoming Very Real Survival #FFFFFF0
9-30 Tensions Flare Across Mediterranean Military #FFFFFF0
9-30 Video - COVID-19 Survivors Grapple With Large Medical Bills Economic #FFFFFF0
9-30 Elon Says Neither He Nor His Family Will Take COVID-19 Vaccine Health #FFFFFF0
9-30 Hispanic Voters Trump Overwhelmingly Won Debate Political #FFFFFF0
9-30 Hackers Release Records After School District Refuses To Pay Crime #FFFFFF0
9-30 Global Tea Prices Skyrocket By 50% Economic #FFFFFF0
9-30 Money Supply Growth Hits 25% Year-Over-Year Economic #FFFFFF0
9-30 Video - Driver Shoots Through His Own Windshield At Another Motorist Crime #FFFFFF0
9-30 Two Oregon Kidnappers Arrested After Intense Encounter With Police Crime #FFFFFF0
9-30 3 Killed In Hostage Situation In Portland Crime #FFFFFF0
9-30 Marine Jet Crashes After Mid-Air Collision In Riverside County Military #FFFFFF0
9-30 Amazon Sees Broad Audience For Its Palm Recognition Tech Technology #FFFFFF0
9-30 Video - Biden Definitely Had An Earpiece Conspiracy #FFFFFF0
9-30 Turkish F-16s Enter War. Armenia Threatens To Use Missiles Military #FFFFFF0
9-30 Shady London Property Investments By Vatican Lose Millions Crime #FFFFFF0
9-30 NYC Hammered By 40% Bankruptcy Surge Economic #FFFFFF0
9-30 UNC Grad Students Call For Administrators’ Salaries To Be Redistributed Education #FFFFFF0
9-30 Iran Warns It’s Ready For War With Us Military #FFFFFF0
9-30 Deep State Plans To Take Out Trump Before Jan. 20Th Crime #FFFFFF0
9-30 Christian Group Raises Over $500K For Kyle Rittenhouse Crime #FFFFFF0
9-29 The USS Stout Reached 208 Days At Sea, A Navy Record Military #FFFFFF0
9-29 Video - Intense Footage From Armenia’s Battlefront Military #FFFFFF0
9-29 National Guard Readies For Unrest At Presidential Debate Crime #FFFFFF0
9-29 Video - Dire Warning From Farmers Around The World Survival #FFFFFF0
9-29 Largest Medical Cyberattack In United States History Crime #FFFFFF0
9-29 Biden’s Campaign Requests Breaks Every 30 Minutes During Debate Political #FFFFFF0
9-29 Bottom Line - Prepare For A Hot And Bloody Civil War Survival #FFFFFF0
9-29 Navy Seals Change Official Ethos To Be Gender Neutral Military #FFFFFF0
9-29 Gun Sales Set To Break Record: "They're Buying Everything" Weapons #FFFFFF0
9-29 Video - 1 In 3 California Restaurants Expect To Close Economic #FFFFFF0
9-29 Turkish F-16 Downs Armenian SU-25 Fighter Military #FFFFFF0
9-29 Cleveland Businesses Boarding Up For Riot Prep Ahead Of Debate Crime #FFFFFF0
9-29 57% Of Student Loan Borrowers Never Graduate Economic #FFFFFF0